The creativity is strong with this one. Geek references as well apparently. Since I was a boy, my imagination has been my key to interacting with the world around me. From coloring books to sketchbooks, I never settled for what was in front of me. ‘What if?’ were words to live by. So it was no surprise as I grew that I was destined for the world of design. As years passed, my skillset expanded, and so did my toolkit. Sketchbooks and crayons turned digital and that world of design became an entire universe. I have built a career translating ideas into reality. I’ve done it for others and I can do it for you. As the saying goes, “If it were easy, anyone can do it.” I’m not just anyone. I’m a professional. Don’t settle for getting it done. Get it done right.

Full disclosure: I haven’t given up the sketchbooks and crayons just yet.


In addition to traditional art skills ranging from illustration to drafting and fine art on canvas, I am skilled with multiple software platforms, including:

Using these tools, I am able to design anything from a basic brochure to designing your entire visual brand.
Need a product designed? Want a custom piece of art? Yep, I can do those too.
Basically, I know how to make an idea look good. Download my resumé by clicking here or on the PDF icon for a detailed breakdown.



Your company identity starts with your logo. This is the face you show the world.
It should be clear, precise and maybe a little fun. Most of all, it has to be inviting.
These are just some of the instances where I have had the opportunity to design the "front door" for some great clients.


Branding should carry throughout! Once your identity is settled, stick with it!
When you communicate with the world, leave no room for confusion as to who is talking to them.
Here are some examples of print ads, each with a different audience in mind,
but each with a clear sense that they all speak with the same voice.


Form follows function! It's been said before and it should always be remembered.
The best in product design empowers the consumer to know how to use the device with minimum instruction.
I love every step of product design.Talking with the engineers and end users to get a real feel
for what each are looking for and then bringing it together in a stylish form that stays on brand but can push the envelope as well.


Those products have to go in something, right? Let's make the customer reach out and grab it!
When it comes to package design, new challenges pop up every day. From shelf space restrictions to legal disclaimers and beyond.
It can be hard making sure everything that has to be there is there, and still make it look good. Let me do the heavy lifting.


Your home in the digital age and nobody likes to visit a sloppy home.
No matter what your personal style, make sure your home is easy to navigate and inviting to explore.
After all, your guests may just be your best advertising. Let's make sure they're saying the right things.
See some fully functional sample websites here and here!


It may not always be about selling a product. Often I find myself creating art just for the sake of art.
Whether it be painting on a canvas, or a digital illustration, as long as it's creative, I'm on board.


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